[coldhell] Love Stage!! Episode 01 & 02 [1280×720][H264+AAC]

ファイル名:[coldhell] Love Stage!! Episode 01 & 02 [1280×720][H264+AAC]


Script: 100% CR Since no group picked it, this is just slightly better quality for archiving if no one shares the BDs.Video: Source CR 1080p. MX and BS11 have inferior quality.Audio: CR untouchedTiming: fixed few bleeds from CRTS: Improved quality of the signs + some missed signs from CR are added (please no more “Izumi-sama”…)Chapters: Prologue, Opening, EpisodeXX PartA, Eyecatch, EpisodeXX PartB, Ending, Preview, EndCardTwo subtitles tracks1. Light TS (default)2. Heavy TS (if Haidaraa can see what I did with the title he will probably delete his Aegisub :P) i.e. make sure that you use Xy and madVRImage Image ImageImage Image Image