[coldhell] Sword Art Online 1080p OC [complete][10bit H.264+FLAC] (ep18fix)

ファイル名:[coldhell] Sword Art Online 1080p OC [complete][10bit H.264+FLAC] (ep18fix)


In previous torrent episode 18 was corrupted during the EHDD transfer and since I was stupid enough to do the CRC after it… (I never experienced file corruption before <.<.)Patch on the website since it is a new encoding and patch is big I can’t link my file host in nyaa… It is safer to redownload the torrent – Delete the old ep 18 and force recheck on this torrent (it should detect that you don’t have only ep 18)The old info:This should be the final version if something is not completely screwed. If you like it, please seed it longer patch for ep14 and op1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/bsyh9mpvvgzl5y2/SAO%28EP14%2BOP1%29_1080p.zipImage1. Video: 10bit H.2642. Audio: 16bit FLAC 2.0 (exact copy from the 16bit LPCM presented on the BD)3. Subs- First Track UTWoots- Second Track Nyan/EveTakuTypesetting – whatever suits better4. Included Menus (same video and audio as above), Scans, CDs, commentary tracks