[Ganbarou] Ajin – 05 [TV 720p]

ファイル名:[Ganbarou] Ajin – 05 [TV 720p]


DDL: https://mega.nz/#F!IJMkgK4b!jgl-eg2RTsPqTrtvgyNVrAReally sorry for the delays.Thanks again to bakamen for helping out wih editing.For those wondering, there’s exactly 20 minutes left from the movie to be covered, so episode 6 will likely be the last episode using content from the movie.Summary of what I said in previous torrents:TV releases have more animated content than the movie.TV releases are better in general on my end compared to the movie (I’m TLCing and typo fixing as I go along and I have people helping me editting now).v2s for the movie when all its contents are covered in the TV series.TS and Karaoke by AniBread