One Piece (Episodes 001-716, Movies 1-12 & Specials, TV Specials & OVA)

ファイル名:One Piece (Episodes 001-716, Movies 1-12 & Specials, TV Specials & OVA)


This torrent contains One Piece episodes 001-716, movies 1-12 and their specials, 5 TV Specials, Mugiwara Theater, and all the existing OVA.All are in .mp4 file format encoded by me since .mp4 is the most convenient format to play in all video player programs. The quality is the best available that I could find meaning that starting from episode 207 to 716 all are in 720p with the exception of the 10th and 12th movies being in 1080p. Of course, the first 206 episodes are in SD quality since they are in 4:3 aspect.I will write here which fan-subbing groups are responsible for which episodes:001-209 by K-F(Kaizoku-Fansubs)210-260 by HWE261-309 by K-F(Kaizoku-Fansubs)310-377 by Vegapunk Fansubs378-381 by Nakama-Fansubs and382-716 by Yibis FansubsAlso, please remember to seed.