[PPP-Raw] Biker Three Kingdoms – Specter’s Birth

ファイル名:[PPP-Raw] Biker Three Kingdoms – Specter’s Birth


Piyo Piyo Productions presents:Biker Three Kingdoms – Specter’s Birth2/9/16How many anime titles can you think of that were based on real events? Aside from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I can’t really think of any. Well here’s another one for you: Biker Three Kingdoms was also based on real life events!I had never actually watched this before, and I was expecting more action, kinda like the bike fights in Akira? But this was more like a bunch of dudes yelling at each other. Maybe its pretty cool once you know what they’re yelling?It turns out that there’s a second part, which I didn’t know about and do now own: See #549409 for a capture of that, but be forwarned – it looks like it came from a VHS source. Better than nothing though.I won’t be able to scan the jackets and inlays until such time as I replace my scanner (not a priority at the moment), but as always there’s an unfiltered DVD conversion for archival purposes.