[usotsuki] Detective Conan 520 ‘Wine red no kokuhatsu’ [RAW-720p][E47FB0EA].mp4

ファイル名:[usotsuki] Detective Conan 520 ‘Wine red no kokuhatsu’ [RAW-720p][E47FB0EA].mp4


There will be a gap in my raws for a while following this episode: Animax is jumping from episode 520 to 524. The missing episodes are scheduled to air on March 20 (521) and 27 (522-523). This will be the last time I have to juryrig a raw to get around resequencing until 651 airs a couple *years* down the road.As soon as the opportunity arises and I’m up for the job, there are many episodes, as well as a few other unrelated series, that I’d like to try to do better subs of. To some extent, I’m able to do this with the resources I have, but it would do everyone better if I had some assistance, since my queue has gotten quite long and overwhelming as of late due to having to run the project basically 100% solo while working on a couple projects for The-Moonlighters and associated groups. In particular, I am looking for additional translators, translation checkers and editors, and could probably use a couple timers as well. If you’re interested in helping, message Licca on #fusion-rips@irc.hoshinet.org or elsewhere on hoshinet.