Show Manager 2015-11-01 (beta)

ファイル名:Show Manager 2015-11-01 (beta)


The Show Manager is a Windows application that automates downloads, keeps track of what you watch, will “watch the next unseen episode” when you click on a show’s banner.Feeds have urls. Download specifications are created, and when a matching item appears in a feed that isn’t a duplicate of what you already have, it will initiate a transfer in your torrent client.Watch Folders are the folders you want to watch for new files in. When your torrent is done staging and the file is moved to a watch folder, if it is a video file, it will be imported. If it’s a rar file, it will be unrared into its parent directory. The resulting video file will be detected and imported.Feeds with a Search URI work in the Feed Search area. Results can be sorted, multi-selected, and sent to your torrent client.Clicking on the banner of a show will watch the next unseen file. You can also select which file to watch. A show without any unwatched files will temporarily disappear from the bannered watchlist display (so you only see shows there that have something to watch).Files can be imported via the File Import tool, and maintained via the File Maintenance menu item.