Vocaloid 4 Free Edition (V4FE 4.1.0)

ファイル名:Vocaloid 4 Free Edition (V4FE 4.1.0)


For voicebank/lib and etc.please go tohttps://www.facebook.com/Pocaloid3This Vocaloid software is working with V3 and V4 lib.

FAQTroubleshooting:you should to install at least one library to make V4FE-Editor workQ: How To Use VocalistenerA: Launch V4-editor, then add vocalistener.lua in job-plugin list (manage job-plugins), choose vocal track and launch job-plugin via job-plugins menu, you will see window where first button on the upper left let you insert vocal part, press it, then choose some vocal range and click right button, choose “Input lyric”, type lyric in hiragana there and press ok, all other operations you can learn with this video http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19224389also you can read japanese pdf-manual using google translatorQ: Can i update my previous V3AEFE with this package?A: Yes, install editor into the same folder (you don’t need to reinstall libraries)Q: Can I use AEFE-libraries with V4FE?A: Yes. Q: I can’t run V4FE on Windows XP or VistaA: only Windows 7/8 (and above) are supported by new Vocaloid4 editor, so if you prefer old OS’s – install V3FE instead (but V4-libraries will not be available for you)Q: When i attempting to launch V4-editor it shows me the message about missed file like MSVCR110.DLLA: Some PC’s can be affected by this issue, go to Start->Control Panel and uninstall all Visual C++ 2012 Redists, then uninstall and install V4-editor again, be sure that you have administrative privileges for this.This installer already have Visual C++ 2012 redist inside (installed in quite mode along with the Editor)if it doesn’t help – go to Vocaloid4FE-folder and launch vcredist_x86.exe manuallyCHANGELOG:changes comparing to 4.0.1:Support “Megurine Luka V4X”Revert selected notes to default lyricsEnter multiple lyrics for a single noteGeneral improvements to stability

PS: i don’t make the crack, i just posted here for easier downloading and sharing. V4FE that I uploaded here is the V4FE that posted at Pocaloid3 facebook pages. Pls ask them if there’s any question.