[Jdrama] (Heiwa Fansubs) The Driver (SP) [Eng Sub] HD

ファイル名:[Jdrama] (Heiwa Fansubs) The Driver (SP) [Eng Sub] HD


HEIWA FANSUBS Presents:ImageThe Driver (SP) HD [Eng Subs]Home Page (in Japanese) D-Wiki PageIn this comedy/drama Special, Konoe Jouichiro is an ex-banker now working as a driver for the Maiko Trucking Company, based out of Kyoto. Because of his background as a banker, Jouichiro likes to keep to contracts and can be quite stubborn about that. So when in the middle of a delivery he suddenly has a little girl, Yui, thrust upon him, he feels it is his duty to get her back to her parents. But that won’t be easy. Seems the girl’s mother is getting married to the son of an important man who won’t stand for any nuisances like Yui getting in the way. So Jouichiro, along with his friends at the trucking company, will soon find themselves battling to bring Yui and her family back together again…We here at Heiwa Fansubs hope you will enjoy this Fall 2015 Drama Special along with us!Please enjoy these English language hardsubs for the HD version of the Special The Driver!Heiwa Fansubs