[JDrama] Kirisaki Jack No Kokuhaku ~ Keiji Inukai Hayato 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA

ファイル名:[JDrama] Kirisaki Jack No Kokuhaku ~ Keiji Inukai Hayato 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA


ImageTitle: 切り裂きジャックの告白Title (romaji): Kirisaki Jack no KokuhakuAlso known as: Confession of Jack the RipperTagline: 刑事 犬養隼人 / Keiji Inukai HayatoFormat: TanpatsuGenre: MysteryViewership ratings: 12.7%Broadcast network: TV AsahiBroadcast date: 2015-Apr-18Air time: 21:00 – 23:06SynopsisThe dead body of a young woman is discovered in a park right in front of Kasugano Police Precinct in the heart of Tokyo. All her organs have been taken out. While a investigation task force is being set up, ace detective Inukai Hayato of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division starts to investigate together with a rookie detective from Saitama Prefectural Police, Kotegawa Kazuya, who has just come to the division for training. The brutal way in which victim was murdered discomforts Inukai. He is never swayed by his own feelings and is feared for seeing through the lies of others. The divorced Inukai has a daughter of elementary school-going age, Toyosaki Sayaka. She is suffering from a serious kidney disease and is waiting for a transplant. Early surgery is encouraged by her attending physician, Majikina Takahiko and Majikina’s wife and anesthetist, Yoko. Takano Chiharu is introduced as the university hospital’s transplant coordinator in charge of Sayaka. Meanwhile, a statement which seems to ridicule the bewildered task force, is sent to a TV station by the criminal who calls himself ‘Jack the Ripper’. The words “I’m enjoying this work” are written down. Then second and third crimes occur in the same way. It starts to seem similar to theatrical crime. Before long, Inukai and Kotegawa discover what the victims have in common. The victims had received organ donations from the same donor. Inukai is caught between his roles as a detective and a father, but begins to track down the criminal. Who is this ‘Jack the Ripper’? — Jdrama WeblogCastSawamura Ikki as Inukai HayatoSeto Koji as Kotegawa KazuyaMimura as Takano ChiharuWatanabe Ikkei as AsoNukumizu Youichi as MikuriyaHoribe Keisuke as TsurusakiGodai Takayuki as TsumuraYamashita Yorie as Majikina YokoSakurada Hiyori (桜田ひより) as Toyosaki SayakaAkutsu Shintaro (阿久津愼太郎) as Mitamura KeisukeTokoshima Yoshiko as Kishibo RyokoRyu Raita as Majikina Takahiko (special appearance)