Minikui Ahiru no Ko (1996) VHSRip RAW

ファイル名:Minikui Ahiru no Ko (1996) VHSRip RAW


Image みにくいアヒルの子Title (romaji): Minikui Ahiru no KoAlso known as: The Ugly DucklingFormat: RenzokuGenre: SchoolEpisodes: 11Viewership ratings: 17.3%Broadcast network: Fuji TVBroadcast period: 1996-Apr-16 to 1996-Jun-25Synopsis:This is an elementary school version of Sannen B gumi Kinpachi sensei. Gansuke (Kishitani) is an elementary school teacher from Hokkaido who moves to Tokyo to be near his sweetheart Masako (Tokiwa), who wants to become a hair stylist. He is the home room teacher for 4 nen 3 gumi. You see the elementary school setting in a different way and laugh at the same time.VHSRip<img src=”

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