[OZC]G-Saviour The Movie (Dual Audio)

ファイル名:[OZC]G-Saviour The Movie (Dual Audio)


Visit my project blog at http://www.ozc-anime.com/ where you can find the latest on my dual audio projects, and possibly other totally shitty movies like this one!’G-Saviour: The Movie’Video: MPEG4(h264) 720×480 DVDAudio 1: English Dolby Digital 5.1ch AAC (Default)Audio 2: Japanese Stereo 2ch AACEncoded from R1 DVD release.Please note that this release lacks subtitles for the Japanese track. Bandai did not bother to subtitle the movie because it was “written and filmed in English” according to the DVD insert. I may eventually create a set of dubtitles for it if I get bored.(And yes, I’m totally serious here…it may be an April Fools release, but it’s still the actual movie…)