Primary/yuiko Music Collection/Discography [MP3]

ファイル名:Primary/yuiko Music Collection/Discography [MP3]


Here’s a batch of all of Primary’s releases I could find, as of February 2013. The only thing missing is the 2nd single, Fix.Most of the files are 320k mp3, except for a couple albums and the web singles. They also don’t all have scans, because I was too lazy to find them all.I’ve included 4 web singles, all of which can be found on her site.In this torrent:

-Albums -1 minus one CHOCOHOLIC CUBE each Gratitude ~Kaguya x yuiko Vocal Collection~ indications Naisho no Otabako POPJACK Potpourri Rotate seven’th color SIN sweet’s holiday Wakusei Kouro-Singles estrangement FLAG Kusou Marionette Shin’on/butterfly solitary flower tsuki-Web Singles BORDER LINE wish Yume no Shizuku Sotchoku Chocolate