[SNTR] 新谷良子(Shintani Ryoko) Complete Music Collection (wav+cue+mp3)

ファイル名:[SNTR] 新谷良子(Shintani Ryoko) Complete Music Collection (wav+cue+mp3)


ImageShintani Ryoko Discography (japanese)Included Lists17 Singles[2003.08.27] ワガママ date show[2003.09.26] あいのうただから[2003.10.22] ray of sunshine[2004.09.23] 恋の構造/トリックスター[2004.11.26] Wonderstory/HAPPY END[2005.03.02] 世界でいちばんボクが好き![2005.10.05] Happiest Princess[2006.05.24] CANDY☆POP☆SWEET☆HEART[2007.06.27] ロストシンフォニー[2008.05.21] crossingdays[2008.10.22] 月とオルゴール[2009.06.03] ReTIME[2009.11.25] Piece of love[2010.03.24] Magic Spell[2010.10.06] HONEY TEE PARTY![2011.10.26] Euphoric Prayer[2012.02.14] AUTOMATIC SENSATION2 Mini Albums[2003.03.07] ピンクのバンビ[2012.09.26] BANDSCORE7 Original Albums[2004.04.28] ファンシー☆フリル[2005.05.25] Pretty Good![2006.11.15] 空にとける虹と君の声[2007.12.19] Wonderful World[2009.02.18] MARCHING MONSTER[2011.06.22] UNLOCKER![2013.08.14] Blooming Line2 Best Albums[2007.02.14] THE GREAT BAMBI POP SWINDLE[2011.02.09] 新谷良子 10th Anniversary BEST BAMBI BOX=Total 28 Albums===============================================Her LATEST single, 「STARting-from rebirth-」 has been excluded from this list.You may buy one at Amazon, if you enjoyed her songs.STARting-from rebirth-Every album has been encoded into two different files, “wav” and “mp3”.Both are from same source, but just have different bitrate and codec.And also there are two cue sheets with “wav” files, UTF-8 and normal one.UTF-8 is for Foobar playing, it displays Japanese character and Kanji correctly.But it may not work properly with other players.And normal cue sheet is for image mounting like deamon-tools or other programs that doesn’t support UTF-8.